Ballot Measure 7 on
April 4, 2017

There will be two community meetings to talk about Proposition 7.
Saturday March 25 from 10am to noon at Rabbit Creek Church and
Tuesday March 28 from 7pm to 9pm at Bear Valley Elementary School

Watch an interview and tour with Joshua Maxwell on KTBY4/Fox .

Watch an interview with Eric Ruble on KTVA11.


·        There is increasing public demand for more access to Chugach State Park.

·        Trails providing access are often on private property.

·        Property owners near CSP are frustrated with cars blocking their roads and driveways, trash, dogs running loose and unwanted use of their land.

·        Property owners are blocking access to their land.

·        As Anchorage grows and large tracts are subdivided with required access to CSP, these problems will increase.

·        A generous land owner has offered to give the Municipality as a park 6 acres in Bear Valley known as Del's Woods.



·        Several properly built trailheads with parking and good trails in legal locations with maintenance by the Parks & Recreation Department.


·        The Municipality funds and provides parks and recreation services through the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Service Area (P&RSA). (What's a 'Service Area?'

·        About 980 parcels are outside the P&RSA so cannot receive any parks and recreation services. These include some parcels in Stuckagain Heights with most in the southeast part of Anchorage’s Hillside, including Bear Valley, Glen Alps and Upper Potter Valley.  Many are large vacant properties. About 375 people live in the area outside the P&RSA.

·        The Hillside District Plan (2010) recommends expansion of the P&RSA boundary to include all of the Hillside and into Chugach State Park.  Extending the boundary into the State Park will allow the Municipality to be able to partner with the State on projects of mutual interest. Chugach State Park will continue to be a state park with no change in management.

·        The P&RSA can be expanded only through a dual majority vote. A majority of the people in the P&RSA must vote 'Yes' and a majority in the area to be added must vote 'Yes.'



·        Possible acquisition of Del's Woods in Bear Valley, maintenance of the McHugh Ridge trailhead at Honey Bear and the Rabbit Lake trailhead and actions towards resolution of access disputes at Stewarts Homestead Road and Brewster’s Homestead Road.

·        Alternative trailheads and trails can relieve pressure on the Honey Bear trailhead.

·        Possible contribution to road maintenance.

·        There’s no free lunch: Property owners added to the P&RSA will begin paying the property tax for park and recreation services of $55 per $100,000 of assessed value raising about $121,150 per year. (If you live in the area to be added, did you know you were getting to use city parks for free?!)

·        Properties already in the P&RSA will not pay any additional taxes from this proposal.

·        This proposal will not impact Girdwood, Turnagain Arm or the Chugiak Eagle River P&RSA. 



This is a map showing the current boundaries of the Parks & Recreation Service Area in blue with the thick black line the proposed new boundary. You'll notice the boundary goes into Chugach State Park. The Municipal boundary is deep into the park but the park in managed by the State and will stay that way. By extending the PRSA boundary into the park, we will be able to partner with that state on projects if it is mutually advantageous. For example, the State may be able to build a trailhead if the Municipality agrees to maintain it.



Expansion of Parks & Recreation Service Area

This proposition expands the boundaries of the Parks and Recreation Service Area to include all areas of the Municipality north of McHugh Creek other than: Fire Island, areas currently contained within the Eagle River-Chugiak Parks and Recreation and Girdwood Valley Service Areas, and areas of the Municipality within Tax District 15 (including Rainbow, Indian, Bird Creek and Portage). Expanding the service area will enable to the Municipality to levy collect additional taxes to provide services to portions of Municipality not currently within a parks and service recreation area. Shall the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Service Area be expanded as described above? (AO 2017-___)


For more information contact John Weddleton 770-8685